Ranking For Google Is Vital

Every second, Google receives over 63,000 searches. It is the most popular search and controls over 75% of the global desktop search traffic. The other popular search engines are Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. At http://delawareseo.online, you will find much-needed help as far as ranking for Google is concerned.

To Win In SEO, You Need To Optimize For Google

That will involve following Google rules and regulations. When it comes to Google, you need white hat SEO. Black hat or grey hat SEO will hurt your rankings.

Google Ranking Factors

You should know the various Google ranking factors. They include the following.

1. Domain Name

You should have the main keyword in your top-level domain. This will act as a relevancy signal. A domain name that starts with the main keyword will perform better than the domains that do not have a target keyword.

The period of domain name registration also matters. According to Google, legitimate domain names have a registration of more than one year while the illegitimate ones have a registration of less than a year.

The keywords appearing in sub-domains can also boost ranking. The history of your domain name also matters as far as ranking is concerned. A volatile domain history will affect your rankings.

2. On Page Factors

They are several on-page factors that Google will consider as far as ranking is concerned. Below are some of them.

– The description tag should have the target keyword. It should also be present in the title tag and H1 tag.

– Content with more words always ranks better than content with fewer words. Your content should have the right keyword density. Overusing the keywords will negatively affect your ranking.

– You also need to use LSI keywords in content and the tags.

– Page loading speed will affect the ranking of your content in Google and Bing. For a better ranking, your pages should load fast. If there is a high bounce rate, your ranking will drop.

– Image optimization- you also need to optimize your images for Google. They should have ALT tags.

Content is Still King

Whether ranking for Google or other search engines, content is king. On the other hand, engagement is queen. You need engaging content. Such content will be popular on social media and other platforms.

– Engaging content has subtitles and a catchy headline. It also has an interesting introduction.

– Your content should be free of grammar and spelling errors.

– Updating your content regularly will boost your rankings.

The Bottom-Line

To succeed online, your business should have an online presence. It should be present on the leading social media sites. Google presence is also important. To know more about Google SEO, check out http://delawareseo.online.

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